Peac-abou, I see you

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Here's my first go at a Brown Peac-abou - a pattern I first became aware of after watching a Dick Talleur video. It's  fairly easy fly to tie but I like it because it just looks like a fish catcher. This fly has two materials that normally do the job: marabou and peacock herl. It's also weighted. 

I can hardly wait to give this wet fly/searching nymph a go in the Park come spring.

This one is tied on a size 8 streamer hook but you could make them as small as size 14.

The recipe is as follows (click on the links to see material):

Hook: Mustad 9672 Size 8 to 14

Thread: Black, brown or red 6/0 or finer. 

Tail: Brown marabou

Weight: fine lead wire

Body: peacock herl rope of 4 or 5 strands combined with thread,

Collar: Brown marabou, tips tied forward and then folded back in a collar.


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