If you buy a fly, look it in the eye...

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Those who tie their own flies know this. Those who buy ought to.

One sure sign of a well-made fly is an uncrowded eye. This means there is no material obstructing the eye of the hook. Of course, this should be accompanied by quality material, proper proportion and a general neatness in tying. A crowded eye, however, is one sign that other things might not be right. It might even mean the person who tied it is a trout sympathizer or worse.

In the old days, the Turks used to behead the bowyer who made a bow that broke in battle. Last I heard, we do no such thing to sloppy fly tyers. Which is good, otherwise few of us would have made it past the beginner stages.

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  • Nothing I hate more than an eye full of head cement or paint.

    Grant on

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