Black ghost

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I like to tie practical fishing flies. By practical, I mean a fly that's easy to tie, durable and effective. 

Having said that, every now and then I like to leave my comfort zone and try for a bit of elegance. To me, that's what the Black Ghost epitomizes. It is not all that difficult to tie, but the beauty is in its nuances. I tied this one this morning. It is by no means perfect and the next one will be slightly better I hope. Generally, it takes me quite a few flies and no small amount of concentration to get things to my liking.

Don't get me wrong; I will be proud to tie this one on my tippet come spring. The beauty of fly tying, however, is that you can always do things better and there are so many aspects to learn. 

The recipe for this black ghost is:

Hook: Mustad 3665A

Thread: Black 6/0

Tail: Yellow hackle fibre

Ribbing: Flat mylar silver tinsel 

Body: Black antron 

Throat: Yellow hackle fibre

Wings: Four white saddle hackle feathers





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