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I don't normally tie salmon fly patterns and, in fact, this is the third Blue Charm hairwing I have ever tied. I tied my first last night, so please forgive the flaws. Having said that, this is a neat starter for those wanting to ease their way into salmon patterns. I quite enjoyed tying it. 

The recipe is as follows:

Hook: Mustad 36890, size 6

Thread: Giorgio Benecchi Ultrafine, black

Tag and rib: Small silver oval tinsel

Floss tag: Yellow silk floss, one strand

Body: Black silk floss

Hackle: saddle hackle, blue

Wing: Squirrel tail, natural

I was going to do a video on this but I don't think you can beat the one done by Rob Clarke on the website. This is the one I used to guide me through these first efforts. I am sure I will be referring back to it again. My thanks to Mr. Clarke and the fine folks at

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  • I hope the videos keep coming. They are very well done and informative.

    Steve on
  • Thanks for the kind words and great job on the fly.We as fly tyers tend to be to critical on our stuff.Just keep tying and things always get better.I am going to try to do a few more videos in the future with Peter.Keep an eye out.Tight lines and thanks again.

    Rob Clarke on
  • Well done Steve! Glad to see you dipping your toe in the Classic Tying pond! For your first attempt, you demonstrated your great fly tying abilities. Classics are very precise down to the 5 wraps of everything, proportion and touching wraps. The mythical secret is “if it doesn’t look right, have the courage to redo until it does and when you nail it …dont mess with it”. Every wrap has its role to the end product satisfaction. Greeat job.

    Rusty on

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