A little customer appreciation.

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One of the more pleasant aspects of opening my on-line store is that I've been able to confirm what I already suspected. Fly tyers, as a rule, are fine people.

I've had nothng but positive and enjoyable interactions with virtually every customer thus far and I am truly grateful for that. So, as a token of my gratitude, I'll be throwing in one fly, tied by me, in  each of the next 100 orders. These two Mickey Finns are going out in this morning's mail.

Clearly, this is like bringing coal to Newcastle, since most of my customers tie their own and I imagine many of you are far more skilled than me. Having said that, I consider this the fly tyer's version of "Have a drink on me." This is my way of saying "Catch a fish on me." Which, admittedly, would sound odd if I said this to any angler while sunbathing nearby.

In any case, I hope those who receive these flies appreciate the spirit in which they were intended.  I truly appreciate your patronage and positive comments.

May your head cement  never spill,

Steve Galea,

Owner, Algonquin Fly Tying Supply


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