Trout season is around the corner. Are you ready?

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Right about now, most fly anglers are clinging onto fond memories of last trout season. Those of us in the north are especially keen to see spring's green blanket unfold. It's only 18 days away in theory. Here it's more likely 35 to 40 days, however. Heck, maybe more; we're getting hammered with snow again today. 

Regardless of how long it will take, the question is are you ready? This weekend, I'll be checking my vest and taking stock of my fly lines. I might even tie a few leaders. I'll certainly continue to fill my fly boxes. I'll be starting a wooly bugger fly tying marathon in fact. Followed by muddlers and a few Light Cahills. And then a few Parachute Adams. And then...

The point is spring is coming. There's not a moment to waste from here on in. 



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