Daniel's Superbug Nymph

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Here's a great caddis pattern from Germany. Daniel, one of our overseas customers, sent this to me after purchasing some Superbug Yarn and other items.

Here's what he had to say about this buggy looking pattern.

"If you have a caddis population in your river, this will be your fly to catch fish. Very effective when fished as a dropper and partnered with a good, visible dry fly."

Tying Instruction:

Tie in the Superbug Yarn and form the undebody with your thread. Now form your body with the yarn and tie it off behind the bead. For trout I use a little bit brown Squirrel Dubbing with UV effect. For Grayling I use fluorescent orange thread with Bugbond protection

Hook: Scud hook in size #16-12

Head: bead to match hook, preferably tungsten 

Thread: Any thread 6/0 or smaller.

Body: Lureflash Superbug Yarn  to match caddis colours on your local waters.

Dubbing: Dark Brown Squirrel (UV mix preferred)

Thank you Daniel for sharing this pattern with us. We'll be sure to test it on our waters this spring. If you've got a pattern you'd like to share, e-mail Steve at 

Pictured below is a 2-pound grayling Daniel caught on the variant of his fly. Cool huh?

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