Joe Brook's Skunk hair caddis (moose hair variant)

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Here is another proven caddis pattern sent to us by customer Mark A. He has substituted moose mane for skunk hair on the Skunk Hair Caddis pattern made famous by the late, great Joe Brook's. It's another really nice tie.  

The original recipe is as follows:

Hook: Size 6 to 10, nymph hook 2X long.

Thread: Black. (Brooks used 2/0 but 6/0 is quite acceptable too.)

Body: Black or blackish portion of skunk tail hair. (Mark put moose mane to good use.)

 Rib: copper wire

Hackle: black

Dubbing: Not in original pattern, but Mark ties in a ball of white antron (I think) behind the hackle.

Joe Brooks called this fly the best cased caddis pattern he knew of. Mark did a great job on it. Thanks Mark.

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