The Bloody Butcher

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The photo above shows a size 10 Bloody Butcher I tied this evening. I've been thinking a lot about this pattern following a discussion I had with Phil M., who is a dedicated fly angler and occasional fishing buddy. Phil is from Ireland where this venerable pattern is common in fly boxes. He assures me it's a killer and having read a little more about it, I learned countless others feel the same way.

One story suggests it was once called the Moon Fly after Mr. Moon who first devised the pattern. But Moon was also a butcher so the latter name stuck. Regardless of how it got it's name, this pattern has been around for more than a century. Clearly, it must have some combination of material and design that fish like.

Here's the pattern:

Hook: wet fly 

Thread: Black 6/0 or finer. I used 18/0 Nano-Silk.)

Tail: Red hackle

Body: Silver tinsel.

Throat: Red hackle

WIng: Blue speculum from mallard feathers.  

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