Trout fishing still on ice

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This might be hard for anglers of a more southern persuasion to understand, but up here we are still ice fishing. In fact, my buddy Grant and I went out this morning to an undisclosed location and caught some nice rainbows. The photo below shows Grant with the best of the morning. 

We also caught quite a few brook trout such as the one I'm pictured with below.

The good news is all the fish we caught went back and we'll be hitting this spot again with fly rods in a couple of weeks when that 18 or so inches of ice is hopefully gone.

We did catch a few trout by using our short ice fishing rods to cast jig heads to an area that had been opened up by a fast current. So, in a sense, we did get our first open water fish of the season. But that doesn't really count I guess. In case you were wondering, the rainbows have been stocked but the brookies are all wild. And plentiful too.

It's nice when you can ice fish under a warm sun But it's high time that the fly rods got some work....

In the mean time, I'll be tying more Edson Tigers, Woolly buggers and Muddler Minnows. The open water season is almost upon us.

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