Bass season opener

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Bass season opened this weekend and it was accompanied by a cold front. That's my excuse for the slow fishing. By slow, I mean we didn't catch 30 or 40 fish and not one lunker.

My buddy and I did manage to catch a bunch between us though. I figure I landed 10 or so on the fly rod. He did not do as well using a spinning rig but mostly because he spent time handling the boat and putting me into casting position first. Keith is a generous guy.

Still, even when we trolled between spots, the bass were mostly hitting my flies over his Rapalas. They were in that sort of mood.

The photo above shows me holding my best fish of the day. This one went a little over 2 pounds, I'm guessing, and put up quite a fight on the fly rod.

When it came to flies, I kept it basic. I tried a Dahlberg Mega-diver but couldn't get any fish to rise to it. Then I fished an Olive beadhead woolly bugger (old faithful)  and caught several, including the one pictured. After that, I had fun with a chartreuse and white Clouser minnow. The smallies really seemed to like that too. 

All in all it was a nice opener. Today, the front continues with the added bonus of pouring rain.  It's a good day to organize the shop, my next outing and tie a few more Clousers.


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