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I'm happy, I think, to announce that Algonquin Fly Tying Supply is taking tentative steps towards selling flies. You can find them at our Flies for Sale section on the drop down catalog  menu. When I say tentative steps, I mean it.

Essentially, I'll be stocking overruns of flies I've tied for myself and friends.That means you'll see a dozen here and a dozen there go up on line. The type of fly will echo the season. Right now I've placed a few Clouser minnows up for grabs since it's bass season.  As we approach autumn, it might be steelhead flies or late season brook trout offerings. The point is, this inventory of quality, locally tied flies will grow at a rate of approximately  two dozen a week.

My plan is, in a year or so, we'll have a great selection. If they sell, that's great. If not, I'll be stocked for life.

To be honest, I'm not sure which outcome I'm hoping for....

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