Best fishing hat ever

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I don't sell these. I have no interest in the company. But I can honestly say this Aussie Chiller hat is the best fishing hat I've ever worn -- and I've worn lots. It's comfortable, light and shades you from the high sun. Better still, when you are feeling the heat, you dip in in the water, wring it out and put it back on.  The hat then reverts to the same stylish shape while you feel refreshed. Really awesome hat.

You can see these fine products at the Aussie Chiller website.


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  • Does it come accessorized with “that’s not a knife” holster? yes the hat is a great idea. I watched you drop the lake level 1/4" when it immersed in the water. If you still have the hat when you are 80 yrs old, you can answer the burning question "Does the Aussie Chiller absorb more water then the Depends you are wearing? Now that’s a commercial waiting to happen.

    Rusty on

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