Bass fishing over the last few days

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Over the last few days I've gone fly fishing for bass a couple of times and have caught somewhere are 20 this size. They are a lot of fun on the fly rod. Black wooly buggers seemed to be their main preference.

The one that haunts me, and will continue to haunt me, went around 4 pounds. I brought it in and asked my fishing partner to net it. We lost that gorgeous largemouth at the net. The fault is my own.

When you get a fish that big you should land it yourself. I could have lipped it. That's what I normally do.

But this time I thought that we ought to make sure with a net. The fish was that nice. That was my mistake. The net was small. My buddy fumbled with it. The fish got off. 

No big deal. We would have taken a photo and released it anyway.

There will be others. That's fishing.

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