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If you entered the website through the front page, you might have noticed a new photo there. It is of a black bear green butt steelhead pattern tied by yours truly.

It's not perfect -- none of my flies are -- but it is a good representation of a venerable pattern that uses interesting but common material.

The recipe is as follows;

Hook: Mustad S-73 or equilavent to preferred size

Thread: Black thread 6/0 or finer.

Tag and ribbing: Silver oval tinsel to match

Butt: green floss (I used neon green monocord in this case because I liked how it stood out.)

Body: Black floss

Hackle: black saddle hackle

Wing: Black bear hair.


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  • Nice Stevie!!! I do like the monocord touch. “I like the Green Butt….I cannot lie…”(Sir MixAlot song Baby got Back)

    Rusty on

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