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The other day I was restocking my products when I was, once again, awestruck by the number of new, synthetic materials available to fly tyers.

It really makes it difficult to choose what to stock on the limited budget that a fiscally responsible little fly shop like mine has.

I do choose a few new products each purchase cycle to make things interesting. The Semperfli line is one I'm growing because it is quality material and many of my customers really like it. My policy, by the way, is, if I buy a new product, I test it myself first. That way I know what I'm selling my customers and can be honest in my recommendations.

That's important to me. I want my customers to know that this shop owner actually cares about their satisfaction. I'd like them to become regulars.

Ultimately, however, when I look at what sells, it is the old school material -- the tried and true stuff that tyers have been using for a long, long time. Feathers, fur, tinsel, thread and hooks are the meat and potato of this business. And I'm well stocked in those.

It's not exciting stuff but it's what's on the table and in the storage cabinets of every tyer I know. It's what forms the basis of most of the patterns we rely on too.

I'm not saying all the new synthetic material doesn't have a place. I'm just saying there's always need for the old school stuff too.

So there's constantly a balancing act between what's needed by customers on a regular basis and the flashy, shiny things that fire their imagination.

You can definitely help here. If there are products you feel Algonquin Fly Tying Supply is lacking, let me know. I'll do my best to get it.

I've been able to do that for several customers thus far. If I can do it for you, that would make me happy too.




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