Resupply day

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It seems like I'm receiving and restocking my inventory a couple of times a month now. That's a sure sign that this little shop is growing and succeeding. Thanks to my customers, new and old. Your support has made all the difference.

Things have settled down here as far as the wonderful distraction of hunting season goes. I arrowed my deer for this season the other day and will be processing the venison tomorrow. After that, there's some waterfowling and grouse hunting and perhaps even a little squirrel and rabbit hunting too.

Then I'll be hurtling headlong into the fly tying season once again. For me, that starts slowly in about mid-November and ramps up through the long Canadian winter so that by spring, my fly boxes are well stocked and we've got a few extra for the shop as well. 

I can hardly wait. So many patterns to tie, so little time...

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