Black-nosed daces

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The black-nosed dace is a pattern first made famous by legendary angler and tyer Art Flick. It has always been one of my go-to bucktail patterns too. So I tied a quartet of them this week to round out one of my spring bucktail boxes.

The one pictured is a bit shaggy and perhaps not sparse enough, but I like them this way -- and the fish don't seem to mind either.

Normally, I build them on Mustad 9672s or some other down-eyed streamer hook, but I have a book in which Art Flick ties them on an up-eyed salmon hook so I did the same. I think they look great this way too.

Here's the recipe:

Hook: Streamer hook of your choice. 3X length minimum.

Thread: Black 6/0 or finer.

Tag: Red wool

Body: Silver mylar tinsel

WIng: White bucktail, black bear hair, brown (or natural brown) bucktail in that order

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  • They are an effective little streamer too. Getting hair sparse enough is the challenge with all bucktail streamers. The old rule of thumb for bucktails was that it is sparse enough if you could see details on a dollar bill that was behind it. I suppose you could try it with a loonie too. Or a book…. Thanks for the comment Mac.

    Steve Galea on
  • Thanks for the photo. I think the Daces are a beautiful little fish. I’m tieing some up myself but struggling to get the wings sparse enough and laying down close to the hook – the photo gives me a good model for comparison. I’m getting close – gotta get more hooks though.

    Mac Ellis on

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