Planning for spring

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Winter is progressing painlessly here in Ontario. In fact, it has been as mild a winter as I can recall. As a result, I'm thinking of spring far more frequently these days and I've also come to realize there's a lot of work to be done if I'm going to be ready for those ice out trout and early spring pike.

On the fishing agenda: tie another box of pike flies, replenish my stocks of muddler minnows, bead head woolly buggers, cat's whiskers, chironomids and booby flies for those early season trout, build a 9-weight fly rod to cast those big pike flies, put a patch or two on those waders...

I already have two spring fishing trips planned, one for pike and the other for brook trout. Both will be multi-day events. Then there are thoughts of turkey hunting and perhaps bear hunting too.

I can hardly wait.

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