Tying the old standby

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This morning and afternoon, I decided it's finally time to tie the old standby, the olive bead head woolly bugger.

If I could only fish with one fly, this would be it. Honestly, I haven't met a fish in our area that doesn't love these things when presented properly. Browns, brookies, rainbows,  lakers, smallmouths, largemouths, pike, muskie, walleye, perch and rock bass have all fallen for these things.

I always keep a few dozen in various sizes on hand. They are not the prettiest flies in the world but they sure work.

The pattern is:

Bead: Cyclops brass beads appropriate to hook size

Hook: streamer hook of your size preference

Tail: Marabou, olive, add a few strands of olive Krystal Flash down each side)

Hackle: Saddle hackle, olive, black, grizzly

Body: Chenille olive or dubbing ( I prefer to tie both with a bit of sparkle)


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