A quick thank you to my customers

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I'd like to thank my customers for making Algonquin Fly Tying Supply a success. I've run this shop for three years now and have done just fine from the word go. The last 5 months, however, have been phenomenal, especially considering that I have not spent a cent on advertising. 

Each month we add new customers to the fold. Better still, my list of repeat customers continues to grow, which I take as a sign that I'm doing something right. 

As many of you know, this shop is a labour of love for me. Time spent curating the stock and filling the shelves brings me great joy because I truly enjoy every aspect of fly fishing and tying.

My goals have always been to provide quality service and products at fair prices and to be ultimately approachable and accountable to those who are so kind as to consider spending hard-earned money here. I always had faith that the business would grow a little more each year because of that.

What I never expected, however, was the friendships and interesting people I'd meet as a result. Fly tyers and anglers are a great bunch -- and the creativity and talent of some of my customers continues to astound me. 

Thanks to all. As always, I appreciate your feedback and suggestions on how to make this place better for my fantastic customers.

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