Beadhead prince nymphs

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I'm not sure why this unlikely looking nymph catches fish but, boy, does it ever. This is the beadhead prince nymph and it's a must have fly in any nymph box. I tied this one in size 12 and its one of a dozen I'm tying for the stock I'm accumulating for the shop.

The recipe is:

Hook: nymph hook from size 8 to 14 or even smaller.

Bead: Gold to suit hook size

Thread: Red 8/0 or finer

Tail: Brown goose biots

Ribbing: Gold wire or tinsel to suit hook size

Body: Peacock herl

Hackle: Brown hen or rooster (I prefer hen because it has more movement in the water (I'm not really sure the fish care.)

WIngs: White goose biots


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