Facing my Demons

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Here's my Big Hole Demon variant. I have changed the tail and hackle colours from the original to a  grizzly orange hackle because the brook trout in our local waters like orange,  So do the rainbows actually. 

There's something about this fly that I really like even though it is clearly an attractor pattern. It was once a popular fly in the American west, named after the Big Hole River. It's still used but the Scandinavians have really made it their own. Some go so far as to call it their national fly. 

The recipe: 

Hook: Streamer hook, size 8 to 12

Thread: 8/0 colour to suit hackle

Tail: rooster hackle fibres (the original used a pair of splayed, non-eyed hackle feathers from jungle cock.)

Body: Silver tinsel

Thorax: black chenille to suit hook size

Hackle: to match tail

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