Fly tying season is here

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If the amount of orders this little shop has been receiving lately is any indication at all, fly tying season is upon us. I think there is something about the onset of winter and dreams of spring that gets a fly tyer in something akin to panic mode. We look at our fly boxes and we don't see that they are half full. We only see the spaces that could be filled with a fresh batch of flies. 

And there is an urge to remedy that sorry state of affairs.

We then strategize like the best of generals. We scour our pattern books and the Internet. We plan on the amount and sizes of old favourites and we wonder if this year's line up of hot new patterns will provide a tactical advantage. We want it all -- something for slow water, something for those current seams,something to swing, a new nymph to bounce along the bottom, a dry fly that floats high and one the rides in the film, imitations and impressions -- you get the idea. 

And somewhere in all the tying that follows, we build up anticipation for that first day out when our favourite streams are fishable again. It's a glorious thing. 


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