Getting into Euro Nymphing

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The photo above does not just depict the arrival of a shiny new rod. It is also an indication that I've made a commitment to Euro nymphing this year. (The lengthy rod also roll casts dry flies well and is tailor made for inflatable pontoon boat fishing.)

Typically, when it comes to nymphing -- which I do a lot of when river fishing for trout -- I high stick more than anything. This year though , I bought this rod so I could better take advantage of Euro nymphing  techniques that allow for longer, less obtrusive drifts with nymphs.

From a shop perspective, that means, I will begin to build a Euro nymphing section, complete with small jig and curved caddis hooks, tungsten beads, lead foil, strike indicators and French and Czech leaders. I hope to have that going before mid-May.

Naturally, I will be field testing some of these products and I'll fine tune the section as I go in order to provide the most useful items for my customers.

Trout season is just around the corner here in central Ontario. I'm stoked and the fly boxes are full. Stay tuned for photos and reports regarding my progress as I learn this new (for me) technique.

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