Getting ready for winter steelhead

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The truth of the matter is I never fish after hunting season begins. Two reasons influence this decision. First, I love hunting more than any other outdoors pursuit and the window of opportunity for small and big game is relatively short -- so I hunt when I can. The second reason is that Ontario's winter climate throws a lot of obstacles at a fly angler, from frozen guides to frozen fingers. 

I know; the rewards can be great too.

That's why I'm giving winter steelheading a fair shake this month. I'm doing it right and fishing with a knowledgeable guide. As a result, I have started tying flies for my upcoming trip, just in case the guide decides they are worth tying on. 

This is my first Purple Peril variant (the original pattern calls for a natural bucktail wing.) I will tie another variant or two and then move on to the original pattern for a few flies. I've already loaded my fly box with egg sucking leeches and glo-bugs and variants. After that it will be big weighted stonefly imitations. 

I've got 16 days until the trip and a lot more tying to do. It should be fun. 

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