River bass are best

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OK, if you were to judge this bass on size alone, you would not be so impressed. It is 11 inches at best.

But, if you were holding the fly rod that I held when this little locomotive struck in the fast water of a local river, you might give this little fellow a whole lot more in the way of respect. He earned every bit of his freedom. 

River smallmouth are like that. They punch above their weight. They strike hard and fight till the end.  Oh, and they know how to use current too.  When you get a good one you know it. When you get one this size or better, you smile. 

This guy struck an olive beadhead wooly bugger that I swung from underneath a plunge pool to the frothy seam on my side of it. It was one of several, all about the same size, that I caught in the half hour I had to spare. And that my friends is reason enough why you should always keep at least one fly rod and a box of streamers in the back of your vehicle. You never know when a fishing trip might break out. 

And, when one does, you could do a lot worse than river smallmouth.

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