The Hornberg

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There was a time when the Hornberg was considered an almost unfair fly to fish with. Invented by an American Game Warden of that name, this fly quickly gained a reputation as a slayer of brook trout. This spring, on my favourite brookie waters, I'm going to give that rumour a test.

In preparation, yesterday, I tied my first three of these flies, so if they seem a little sloppy, you'll have to forgive me. I used a hen, soft hackle grizzly feather like the original pattern called for. I plan on fishing it as a streamer anyhow.

The recipe is: 

Hook: 4x streamer hook, size 8 to 10 is about right.

Thread: black fine (I used nano-silk in a 30 denier)

Body: Silver mylar tinsel

Underwing: Two yellow hackles about 1.25 times as long as the hook shank.

Wings: 2 mallard side pocket feathers, cupped sides in.

Eyes: Fake or real jungle cock (Starling feathers also make a good substitute.) 

Hackle: Grizzly soft hackle.

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