The Leadwing Grizzly

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Here's a photo of my leadwing coachman variant. I call it the leadwing grizzly because it's the same as the famous leadwing coachman pattern except it uses a grizzly hackle for the tail and hackle collar rather than the normal coachman brown hackle on the original pattern. Like the original, it is also very effective.

The recipe is:

Hook: wet fly from size 8 to 14

Tail: Grizzly hackle

Ribbing: fine silver wire

Body: peacock herl (two or three strands) twisted.

Wings: mallard primary quill slips

Collar: grizzly hackle

One last thing you might notice is that, unlike the LW coachman, the hackle on this fly is ahead of the wing as in the emerger style outlined by Fling and Puterbaugh in their classic Basic Manual of Fly Tying.


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