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This is a great pattern from New Zealand that I discovered after a friend was kind enough to buy me a book on New Zealand flies while visiting. Needless to say, the Kiwis know a thing or two about fly fishing and this fly is proof of that. I have fished one on our lakes for smallmouth bass and they love it. 

This year, I will be making a point to try them for trout as well. I bet they'll do just fine too.

The pattern is really simple. 

Hooks:  Size 10 to 2 streamer hook

Thread:Black 6/0 or 8/0 

Tail: Squirrel tail black

Body: Yellow or red chenille are standard. Experiment if you want.

Wings: Two pheasant church feathers on each side of hook, tie in first pair at the bend concave side in to match. Wrap chenille forward in front of those feathers until two eye width back of hook eye.Then tie in second set of church feathers same as first. Finish fly.

Note: if hook is large, a third set of church feathers should bridge the gap between the set at the hook bend and behind the eye.

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