Tying muddler minnows: my winter project

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This is the first muddler minnow in a batch of 12 dozen I plan on doing this winter. It's in size 8 and this is a highly exploded view so all flaws are evident. Having said that, I'm satisfied that this fly was built well (glued and half-hitched at every step of the way) and looks like a muddler in profile and proportion. 

I'm not a fan of tying muddlers, so I thought I'd space it out over the winter, tying a half dozen or so each day. It's not an efficient way of doing them but I'm fine with that.

The muddler minnow is one of the great classic fly patterns. And, funny thing is, you eventually warm up to tying them too. For me, that warm feeling comes with the first fish.

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