Semperfli Straggle String Mix Pack

  • $9.00 CAD

The worlds thinnest fly tying chenille. This stunning micro chenille has just 2 strands in its manufacture making it extraordinarily thin - ideal for micro dry thoraxes on Klinkhammers. The stunning uv flecks imitate insect and inverebrate legs, ideal for Czech nymphs.  Simply wrap around the body and add a shellback with wire or use colours like 7250 - the apple green for Rhyac nymphs. The mix pack is a great way to figure out which colours work best for you. Each comes with 10 colours. You can tie approximately 12 flies per colour, depending on size.

This is a new product for us and we're very excited about it. Once we determined which colours are popular we will begin stocking spools of each. 

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