About us

Algonquin Fly Tying Supply was founded in 2014 by Steve Galea as yet another way to keep himself out of trouble. The jury is out on whether this is working.

Steve is best-known for his features and back page humour column which has run continuously in Ontario Out of Doors magazine since 1996. He is less known as a long time fly fisherman and fly tyer. He has been doing both for more than 40 years.

Better yet, he lives in central Ontario and makes frequent forays into Algonquin Park as well as the many lakes and rivers around his home in Haliburton Ontario, hence the name of the shop. He never returns home without a story. Since there are rarely witnesses, most should be taken with a grain of salt, however.

Steve has always been a firm believer in the importance of customer service and does his best to provide excellent service to anyone kind enough to visit the site.

One last thing: Algonquin Fly Tying Supply is a small but well-stocked fly shop run solely  by Steve. There's nothing corporate about it. When you phone or email you get the owner who is someone who genuinely cares about fly fishing and fly tying. Steve always makes time for his customers because a) he thinks that's key to running a good business and b) he truly enjoys connecting anyone with an interest in fly fishing and fly tying.

There, now you know a little bit about us. Now go fill that cart.


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