About on-line shopping

Shopping on-line might be  a new experience for some fly tyers.

It's  different to be sure. You don't get to see the material first hand. You don't get to handle it. You take a bit of a chance. Having said that, if you are interested in some capes and hackles, I'd be happy to send you a short video of the one you are interested in.

I do my best to stock quality products and inspect every shipment going out the door to ensure I, as a fly tyer, would be happy with it. My goal is to build a level of trust with you. For that, I believe, is what builds the customer loyalty I'd like to have. 

The other issue some people have is with shipping costs. First, I think you should be aware that in many cases, we're taking a small loss on these costs, especially when handling time is included. But that's not really your issue.

Your concern is whether that added shipping cost is worth it. To that, I would say, consider the price of gas and the wear and tear on your vehicle that's being saved by shopping from home. If you do that, you'll probably realize that these shipping rates are a bargain. 

The best way to make shipping less of a headache is to place larger orders so that you pay for shipping less frequently. Another great way is to partner up on orders with a fly tying friend so you can split the shipping costs.

All the best,


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