Muddler Minnow

There isn't a streamer pattern that is more widely recognized and respected in the Algonquin Park region more than the muddler minnow and its many variants. The muddler is one of those patterns that can pull off double duty. Used with floatant, it can represent a grasshopper. Fished beneath the surface, it provides a deadly minnow imitation. In each case, it displaces water and provides a convincing profile.

The recipe is as follows:

Hook: 3X streamer hook, anywhere from size 12 to 4

Thread: black or brown, 6/0, 3/0 or Nano-silk

Tail: turkey wing feathers, natural and matched

Body: Flat, gold tinsel

Rib: Gold wire
Underwing: Grey squirrel tail.
Wing: turkey wing feathers, natural and matched
Collar/head: spun and clipped deer hair.


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