Bead Head Prince Nymph

The beadhead Prince Nymph is an unlikely looking pattern,  but it is also one that has caught countless fish. Perhaps it is the peacock herl body -- fish seem to love how that works in the water. Then again it could be the red hotspot, gold beadhead or biots that draw them in. All I know is that when I need a good searching pattern, the BH Prince is often the one I'll tie on. It is another one of those classic patterns that work well in the waters of Algonquin Park and beyond.

The recipe is:

Hook: Any standard nymph hook from size 10 to 16

Thread: Red 6/0 or finer

Tail: Brown goose biots

Rib: Fine wire in gold, copper or silver

Body: Two strands of peacock herl

Hackle: Brown hen or saddle hackle

Wings: White goose biots


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