Semperfli Nano Silk

Semperfli Nano Silk

  • $5.00 CAD

Nano Silk is possibly the world's strongest fly tying thread. We currently stock it in 18/0 (30 denier), 12/0 (50 denier), 6/0 (100 denier) and 3/0 (200 denier) in black, white, olive and orange. 

The. 18/0 (30 denier) is amazing for tiny midge and dry fly patterns. It lays so flat that you actually have to work to make a visible head. The 12/0 (50 denier) is the standard trout fly thread. Again it lays very flat and is strong enough to actually bend a hook without breaking. The 6/0 (100 denier) thread is excellent for those tying salmon flies and larger streamers as it helps reduce bulk. The 3/0 is ideal for larger pike and muskie flies.  Many tyers use Nano Silk to construct a fly and use their old threads to cover the head of the fly.  

Because of its strength, it also makes for a flat and virtually indestructible ribbing on flies.

Ceramic bobbins are required for this thread. 

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